Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

DecisionsThis week, I was watching a movie that seriously questioned the integrity of a woman’s boyfriend. Early in the story two young women read a newspaper profile of an unknown suspect that included a police sketch. One of the women said to the other that the sketch looked like the first’s boyfriend. He had in fact been acting unusual but the girlfriend was torn about calling the police. Her friend asked her “What does your gut say?” It was now hers to decide.

It’s interesting that we use the phrase “gut decision.” Gut decisions are the positive or negative feeling we get when faced with a decision, or, the blind intuition informed neither by logic or emotion. Some gut decisions may be: Is this the right person for me? Do I hire this person? Can I believe the story this person is telling me? (It’s obviously not a perfect science!)

Other decisions are based on facts and emotions. Everyday decisions seem to be based on facts (head) or emotions (heart). Would she like this gift? How much will it cost? Will it fit into our budget?

Further decisions, however, might even fall into a third category: conscience. Some examples might be: How do I stop doing what I know is not right? (yelling at my teens…) Do I support the charity representative at the red light asking for donations? Do I give to the homeless requesting support or food? Do I help my neighbor with yard work or pretend I’m not home?

I believe the girl from the movie should have called the police, and she did. She listened to her friend (and gut). We need to listen to our guts (and friends)! Everyday decisions seem to take care of themselves. We make the best of them based on available resources. But decisions of conscience…I have had to ask myself, “Do I continue trying to develop and inform my conscience or am I happy with where I am?” Well, I am still working on it!

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