Mondays Aren’t Too Bad


So it is Monday and a world of workers who are fortunate enough to have Monday through Friday jobs are slowly moving into offices and businesses. Most will not look upon this day as wonderful, since it signals the end of the weekend. And not to say that it is at all easy to go back to work after two days with your family and friends, sleeping in a little later, catching up on some stuff around the house, or doing some fun activities. However, a major reality is being overlooked by many of those sleepy-eyed workers: God has gifted them with another workweek!

First, if you are reading this, God has given to you another day to live and breath, and hopefully, another week. Secondly, if you went to work today, that means you have a job where millions of other people in this world do not. It is not always easy to get up and go to work on a Monday, but if you peal back all the emotion and keep the main thing the main thing, today is a reason for much rejoicing and gratitude.

If you unfortunately are in a position where you could not go to work today, then perhaps God has something different in store for you this day. Be alert and look for where God may be calling you. The gift of life today is more than just time to breathe. It is also time for rejoicing and giving glory to God. We never know what God has in store for us.

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