Is Christ Cool?

Cool Christ

The Problem

Catholics are leaving the Church at an unprecedented rate. Pew Research indicates that currently for every one that enters the Church, six leave. Many feel that weak catechesis since Vatican II has left Catholic adults/parents uninformed about their faith. The result is a younger culture with a general lack of Catholic identity. Some have identified that we are in a Post-Christian era where Christians come off as judgmental and appear as haters.

Majority Rules

People, especially youth, tend to do what others are doing. If everyone is doing it, it must be the cool thing to do. Due to commercialism, materialism, and instant gratification, many in the U.S. ditch traditional Christian values for mainstream commercial values. What is a disciple to do?

The Challenge

Our challenge as disciples of Jesus is to become good stewards of Christ. Stewards care for all of God’s creation. We care for our planet by making tough decisions to operate within sustainable resources. We care for people by recognizing the dignity of all people as created by God. Good stewards strive to maintain a balanced life by not overindulging in personal wealth or material goods but by sharing their blessings with others. We value life at all stages and give credit to the creator in which we share by giving life to others. We strive to make this a better world by storing eternal rewards.

Is Christ cool? Maybe, maybe not. But we do not follow Christ because he is cool, or because that makes us cool. We follow Christ because that is what we have been called to do. We are Christians. We are disciples. We are stewards.

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2 thoughts on “Is Christ Cool?

  1. If you have to wonder if you are cool you are probably not. Second as a convert I have to say generally Catholic Churches are not as welcoming as Protestant ones and Westerners in general and Americans in particular seem to need an emotional connection, the current Pope seems to understand this at a visceral level. When I worked at a parish in Greensboro NC they were super friendly and in many ways this drew my wife to the truth of the Church.

    Second, Catholics spend to much time evangelizing to each other and not enough time reaching out. This goes back partially to the friendly comment, and I think partially to problems that came after Vatican II. We ditched many of the services that culturally bind us.The processions and the blessings of rivers and streams marked a uniqueness that no longer happens. We should bring this back.

    Third, Churches need to be more open to the new movements such as Opus Dei, Cursillo, Focolare…exc (full disclosure I belong to one of these) so that people can choose their own adventure. Each brings a unique emphasis that I think would help the Church reach a broader spectrum of people.

    Well, these are my thoughts and I could be wrong.


    Christopher Johnson


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