The Purge

moving couch

Currently, my house is in a state of purging. We just sold our roll-top desk we had for 20 years because it had become a magnet for STUFF and ultimately the desk was too big for our house. It was HUGE. Next, we are getting rid of our couch that, although very comfy, is just beyond cleaning again. We looked into re-upholsterying it, but the cost would be the same as a new couch, especially because the cushions have started to deteriorate. After that, we are unto the dining room set, a chair I inherited from my father, and more. Basically, it is time to move on from those things that no longer serve a good purpose in our home and in our lives.

The start of a new year is a great time to do this. But just as our house needs such action, so do our lives. You and I know there are things we hold unto that no longer serve us well. Sometimes, those things we are hanging unto never really served us well in the first place. Regret, anger, resentment, and grudges are all examples of things we hold unto like they are so very important, when all they do is hurt us and prevent us from thriving.

As each piece of furniture leaves my house, I am trying to get rid of one additional thing in my life that needs to go as well. Some things will be easier to discern than others. Some things I may not want to admit to the fact that they even exist. But, I need to do this. God is calling me to do this.

In this new year, what are you holding unto that needs to be gone from your life?

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