Love, Love, Love

An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the 6th Sunday of Easter 2016 I found this list online of 101 Ways to Show You Love Somebody. It was produced as a project in secondary schools somewhere in the United Kingdom, and was apparently inspired by a similar list and project in Iowa. The ideas have to do … Continue reading Love, Love, Love

Did You See Mr. Bean at Church This Past Sunday?

Today's video is an extended version of a Mr. Bean skit I have been showing for quite some time at Building a Vibrant Parish Seminars I lead around the country. It really makes people laugh and breaks the ice. Every church probably has a Mr. Bean or two. Not everyone will be on the same … Continue reading Did You See Mr. Bean at Church This Past Sunday?

Creating Touchstones

Today's video is one of three available from LPI to help a parish understand the value of Extending the Catholic Community by supporting those who advertise in your bulletin and/or parishioners and Catholics who own businesses in your community-at-large. Living out our faith is not always easy, but with the support from one another, we … Continue reading Creating Touchstones

Video Reflection: Lost No More

I am traveling this week and have limited access to the Internet, so for the next 3 days I will be sharing with you videos that might be of use to you in your own personal reflection or in a parish/diocesan context. Today's video is an Everyday Stewardship reflection that debuted last week on the … Continue reading Video Reflection: Lost No More

The Gift of Beauty

An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the 5th Sunday of Easter 2016 I met Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS, when I was in college. He was my art history teacher. He was pretty young then, so he was also strangely enough in my circle of friends. It was great having him as a teacher, even if I … Continue reading The Gift of Beauty

Companions on the Journey

I recently supplied the International Catholic Stewardship Council with a reflection on St. Ignatius of Loyola, a great stewardship saint, for a newsletter of theirs. I got teased a little by the Executive Director, Michael Murphy, because he reminded me that Our Lady was held up in the US Bishop's document on stewardship as the … Continue reading Companions on the Journey

My Sheep Hear My Voice

An Everyday Stewardship reflection for the 4th Sunday of Easter 2016 When I was little I would always cling to the same routine each night before going to bed. I would say to my parents, “Good night.” They would respond, “Good night.” I then would say, “See you tomorrow, okay?” I would await their response of … Continue reading My Sheep Hear My Voice

How Hard is it to be a Disciple of Jesus?

So what does Jesus Christ ask of us? What does it mean to be a real disciple? In Matthew 19, a young man with many worldly possessions addresses this question to Jesus himself. The answer given is that one must sell all they have and give the proceeds away to the poor. In Matthew 16, Jesus … Continue reading How Hard is it to be a Disciple of Jesus?

Love is Dangerous

An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for Third Sunday of Easter 2016 Love is dangerous. When you truly love someone, you are willing to sacrifice and go outside your normal boundaries of comfort. You never know what will be asked of you, but true love does not consider the cost of loving, it simply responds affirmatively to … Continue reading Love is Dangerous