Free to be a Child of God


The response to last week’s post about the need to vote as a faithful citizen seemed to hit a strong chord with many people. It is my hope that everyone in the US will take seriously their right and responsibility to actively participate in our democracy. Of course, not everyone who reads this blog is from the US. In fact, some visitors to this website live in places where self-determination and freedom are severely compromised. Also, many people suffer from various degrees of the loss of religious liberty. In recent years, questions about religious liberty have been become ever more important here in the US as well.

Without participating in your country’s political process, you make it that much easier for others to curtail your religious liberty. Religious liberty was a cornerstone issue at the Second Vatican Council and the Church issued an important declaration entitled, Dignitatus Humanae. Instead of going into depth here on the document, I urge you to click the link to read or download the document and to follow this second link to download a bulletin insert to help educate people about this important document and how it speaks about this crucial component to every society that promotes human dignity.

If you stay silent, one day you may lose your chance to say anything at all.

From the bulletin insert from the USCCB:

As the title of the Declaration suggests, human dignity is central to Dignitatis Humanae. A most precious aspect of being human is the two-fold capacity to exercise reason and to respond to found truth. It is natural to ask, How do I live a good life? Who created this wonderful world, and how should I respond to this Creator? Why is there suffering, and how should I alleviate it? Religious traditions offer answers to these deeply human questions. It is imperative for the sake of human dignity that people are free to pursue these questions. The pursuit of truth involves an ability to listen, for God has made us with a capacity to hear his Word. Religious freedom is the cornerstone of a society that promotes human dignity. It is a fundamental human right, for it follows on the duty of all people to seek the truth about God.

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