Tracy Earl Welliver is a Catholic speaker, author, teacher, and stewardship coach with over 25 years experience in parish ministry.  He is currently the Director of Parish Community and Engagement for Liturgical Publications, Inc, having previously served for 22 years as Pastoral Associate at Saint Pius X Catholic Church in Greensboro, NC, a parish that in 2009 won the Archbishop Murphy Award for excellence in stewardship from the International Catholic Stewardship Council.  Tracy also currently sits on the ICSC Board of Directors. He has spoken on stewardship, engagement, and catechesis all over North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Tracy currently writes the weekly reflection, Everyday Stewardship, published in bulletins and digital media around the country, and The Main Thing Blog at and  He is the author of the book, Everyday Stewardship: Reflections for the Journey, and other engagement resources, all published by Liturgical Publications.  He has a BA in theology from DeSales University and a MTS from Duke Divinity School.

Tracy has been married to his wife, Mariann, for 25 years and they have 3 children.

One thought on “Bio

  1. Tracy – I attend one of the sessions you presented at ICSC 2016 in New Orleans. You had a slide or discussion about not having enough time. You outlined the amount of hours you have been alive, how many you were sleeping, how many were in church etc. etc, etc.

    Can you send me that slide and your notes on this topic?



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