It’s the Year of Mercy! Step Into the Mess

Mercy is a term that stirs my memory of family reunions when I was a child. Upon seeing me, my four cousins (who happened to be girls) would commence chasing me until they caught me and planted kisses on my cheeks until I yelled “mercy!” In other words, “I am trapped,” “I surrender,” “I give … Continue reading It’s the Year of Mercy! Step Into the Mess

There Is But One King! (and it’s not me)

We are on the cusp of two of the most beautiful times of the Church year: Advent and Christmas. We anticipate Christ’s coming during Advent, and we celebrate his coming during the Christmas season! There is almost too much going on with all the Advent devotions and practices that seem to take a back seat … Continue reading There Is But One King! (and it’s not me)

What Happened to Advent?

Advent is one of those Church seasons that people get excited about for many reasons. First of all, there is usually a change in weather for which people seem to be ready. A change in weather calls for a change in clothing bringing out our favorite fall wardrobe! Colder weather and warmer clothing means Christmas and … Continue reading What Happened to Advent?

Why Pray For The Pope?

If there were anyone that needs no prayer, who would it be? One might be inclined to say Pope Francis, but they would be wrong. In his recent U.S. tour one message curiously stood out to me, “please, pray for me!” I let it go - practically unnoticed - until I really started thinking about … Continue reading Why Pray For The Pope?

Driving Lessons

I gave my 14 year-old twins their first driving lesson this weekend. When we got home my wife expressed her disapproval. Apparently, even on private property it is illegal to operate a car without a driver’s license. Further, they’re too young and we were in our nice car, which could have ended in an expensive … Continue reading Driving Lessons

There is No Silver Bullet

'Think of what is above, not of what is on earth.' Colossians 3:2 Some feel like if they only had this or that, won the lottery, or got rid of something else they would be complete, or at least better off than they are now. For example, an increase in pay or new job, a … Continue reading There is No Silver Bullet

Is Christ Cool?

The Problem Catholics are leaving the Church at an unprecedented rate. Pew Research indicates that currently for every one that enters the Church, six leave. Many feel that weak catechesis since Vatican II has left Catholic adults/parents uninformed about their faith. The result is a younger culture with a general lack of Catholic identity. Some … Continue reading Is Christ Cool?

Sand Dollars and People

On a beach stroll during our annual trip to Georgia’s Jewel, Jekyll Island, we happened to catch the water at low tide. For those who like to find treasure this is the most opportune time! During high tide the sea’s treasure chest is carried to shore and tilted letting some of its most prized treasures … Continue reading Sand Dollars and People

The Game of Life

We’ve all heard the infamous saying from Forrest Gump in the 1995 blockbuster film, “My momma always said ‘Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!’” No doubt, we’ve all said it one time or another, mainly because it’s true! That’s a worldview that, while on the surface, could … Continue reading The Game of Life