The Gift of Faith

by The Main Thing Blog friend, Teresa Keogh This week work has brought me to Palermo, Sicily. I needed to leave home at 4.30am on Thursday to get to London Heathrow to check in. In the departure lounge there were seats that said ‘Re-charge here’ – of course, the sign referred to cell phones, but … Continue reading The Gift of Faith

Making a Difference

A reflection by Teresa Keogh, friend and contributor to the Main Thing Blog Last week I was working in Bangkok and was blessed by being able to add on 3 days holiday. I went to Kanchunabari – the site of the Bridge over the River Kwai. It was incredibly moving to walk across the bridge and see … Continue reading Making a Difference

Surprised By God – Again!

by Teresa Keogh After a pretty mild winter in England we are suddenly experiencing a cold patch that reminds us that it is winter. Last week I had a full ‘to do’ list and a ‘full-on’ day at work; when I saw the frost outside the idea of scraping the car was something I just … Continue reading Surprised By God – Again!

Tear Down Those Walls

A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit the Holy Land – and saw all the usual sights and sights. It was my second visit; my previous visit had been fifteen years earlier. One of the things that struck me was the wall that divides Bethlehem and Jerusalem; the West Bank barrier or … Continue reading Tear Down Those Walls

This Child Was Someone’s Son

The following is an important post from THE MAIN THING guest blogger, Teresa Keogh, who resides in the UK. The image is graphic, but perhaps necessary. In the UK today many newspapers have used this image to ask the government to change its attitude to immigration. The image is of a young Syrian child washed … Continue reading This Child Was Someone’s Son

Getting your House in Order

My term finished last week and it has been a crazy week, trying to get the house in order before flying to France on vacation. It began with tidying and cleaning and then progressed. These last two days a company has been fitting new fascias and soffits to the outside of the house. The house … Continue reading Getting your House in Order

God is God Wherever We Are

God is God wherever we are; and those we meet are the Body of Christ Greetings from Dusseldorf - where work has brought me for 2 days to inspect two British Schools in Germany. It almost feels as if I am straddling 2 worlds. Fly in this afternoon and walk by the Rhine, watching the … Continue reading God is God Wherever We Are