Embodied Mercy

In Matthew chapters 5-7 Jesus delivers the greatest sermon the world has ever known. Christians should read these three chapters frequently.  In fact, we would do well to memorize them. But these chapters (also known as The Sermon on the Mount) can make us squirm a bit.  Jesus says counter-cultural things like, "[I]f anyone would … Continue reading Embodied Mercy

My Sheep Hear My Voice

An Everyday Stewardship reflection for the 4th Sunday of Easter 2016 When I was little I would always cling to the same routine each night before going to bed. I would say to my parents, “Good night.” They would respond, “Good night.” I then would say, “See you tomorrow, okay?” I would await their response of … Continue reading My Sheep Hear My Voice

Seeking Good That Gives Us Life

  It would seem obvious to us that we need to seek out good and not evil, but unfortunately, our society and the limitations of human nature prove to us otherwise. Today's simple Gospel Acclamation verse reminds us that on the road to good is life and the Lord, the opposite of what is on … Continue reading Seeking Good That Gives Us Life

An Everyday Steward is Prayerful

For the 5 Sundays of Lent and Passion Sunday, the Everyday Stewardship reflection will look at each of the 6 characteristics of an Everyday Steward, as contained in the book of the same name. Check back each Thursday on the Main Thing Blog for that Sunday’s reflection. Have a fruitful Lent! 2nd Sunday of Lent – 2016 … Continue reading An Everyday Steward is Prayerful

A Cure for the Pain

"And forgive our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us." JESUS CHRIST So this morning, after several weeks of the pain in my cracked tooth getting worse, went and got a root canal. The pain had gotten progressively worse and also unpredictable, sometimes feeling fine and sometimes throbbing like nobody's business. Also, a … Continue reading A Cure for the Pain

Goliath! You Are Going Down!

I remember one Vacation Bible School I planned in the past years having David and Goliath roaming around all day and David had a chance to slay Goliath over and over again. The kids loved seeing our Goliath-like actor hitting the ground again and again. I guess as time went on, David didn't seem much … Continue reading Goliath! You Are Going Down!

Sweet Jesus, It’s Cold!

I cannot believe how cold it is here in North Carolina this morning. 14 degrees! We are not well equipped for that kind of cold around here. Winter weather is our nemesis for sure. Last year, 3 inches of snow led to school being cancelled for a week! If you are reading this in the … Continue reading Sweet Jesus, It’s Cold!