An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the 3rd Sunday of Easter 2017

(Yes, this is similar to yesterday’s post, but this was written months ago. It has a slightly different spin. TEW.)


The Road to Emmaus is one of my favorite Gospel stories because it shows a Jesus that is masterful at reaching people. First, when He comes upon those walking on the road, He asks them what they are talking about and then asks them to explain. How often are we too eager to just start talking at people when we feel they need to hear what we have to say? Jesus offers an invitation for them to share first. Allowing them to share first opens them up for what Jesus will do next.

Second, Jesus takes time to interpret for them the words of the Prophets. He gave them their turn and now it is his. Not only wise, but a movement of respect. After a long walk, they invite Jesus stay with them and dine. Third and finally, Jesus breaks bread with them and they are able to see that he is no ordinary traveler. He is the Risen One. He could have just told them who he was, but allowing them by their experience, to uncover who he was had the greater impact.

Jesus demonstrated to us in these actions how to be gracious and impactful when sharing the Good News. If we are to be good stewards and fruitful disciples then we must imitate Him in this regard. This Easter season let us practice the following: 1) Allow others first to share what they have to say; 2) Then be willing to take the time to explain fully or to the best of our ability our faith; and 3) Help others find a way to experience first-hand the message you have shared. No one can understand love without witnessing love. In this way, your words and deeds will become a pathway to Jesus for others.


An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for Easter Sunday 2017


At Easter, we celebrate that Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, conquered death, rose from the dead, and remains very much alive. To the world of non-believers: WHAT!?! It is quite a big reality to swallow. But for the believer, it is a reality that inspires us to the point where we find ourselves constantly sharing the Gospel with everyone we meet! Right?

So what does Easter mean to you? The question is not what do you believe. The question is what impact does Easter have on you? How do your actions demonstrate the power of Easter? What does it mean we you hear that we, the Church, are an Easter People?

You may be saying right now that you have no intention of becoming an evangelist, passing out Bibles to all you meet. But, I would like to suggest that you actually have a more powerful way of evangelizing others: everyday stewardship. Actions speak louder than words and the way you live your life can be a great testimony to all those you encounter. By acknowledging the gifts you have been given, cultivating those so they grow to an increase, and then sharing them fully with God and with others in God’s name will give testimony to your belief that Jesus is alive and seeking a relationship with each of His People.

If more of us won’t live our lives in this manner, then non-believers and non-intentional disciples will ask the question, “What difference does Easter make anyway?” Jesus died and rose for you and me. To be sure, it DOES make a difference.