Loving Presence

In my experience, the most common phrase used to express sympathy to someone who has lost a loved one is - "I'm sorry for your loss."  It's a very nice sentiment and I believe everyone who uses it means it. But with any oft-used expression, its overuse can minimize the impact.  We use phrases like … Continue reading Loving Presence

A Cure for the Pain

"And forgive our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us." JESUS CHRIST So this morning, after several weeks of the pain in my cracked tooth getting worse, went and got a root canal. The pain had gotten progressively worse and also unpredictable, sometimes feeling fine and sometimes throbbing like nobody's business. Also, a … Continue reading A Cure for the Pain

Your Son Will Live

John 4:43-54 is a gospel passage that has taken on more meaning for me over the last two years.  It is the story of the royal official in Capernaum whose son was ill.  This official begged Jesus to come heal him so he would not die.  Jesus replied, "Go.  Your son will live." Reflecting on … Continue reading Your Son Will Live