Hiding Behind Faith

I saw Mary, Queen of Scots last week and loved it! First of all, Saoirse Ronan was awesome as always. Actually, all of the acting was top notch. Secondly, the costuming and cinematography were superb. It was a great film experience. It is too bad that it highlighted a truth of history that continues to … Continue reading Hiding Behind Faith

Fully Human

How often do we say something like, “It’s just human nature”?  Such a phrase is frequently voiced with a negative connotation. When we witness people doing bad or destructive things, or when we have to create rules or laws to keep people from doing those things, we often sigh in resignation that human nature dictates … Continue reading Fully Human

Free to be a Child of God

The response to last week's post about the need to vote as a faithful citizen seemed to hit a strong chord with many people. It is my hope that everyone in the US will take seriously their right and responsibility to actively participate in our democracy. Of course, not everyone who reads this blog is … Continue reading Free to be a Child of God

A Time for Friends

Holy Week is about more than a reflection of events that occurred so very long ago. The events of this week are about NOW. It is about being present to the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This week unites our sufferings with His, our death with His, and our life with His. The events … Continue reading A Time for Friends

An Everyday Steward is Accountable

For the 5 Sundays of Lent and Passion Sunday, the Everyday Stewardship reflection will look at each of the 6 characteristics of an Everyday Steward, as contained in the book of the same name. Check back each Thursday on the Main Thing Blog for that Sunday’s reflection. 3rd Sunday of Lent – 2016 What happens when people … Continue reading An Everyday Steward is Accountable

Don’t Be a Sourpuss!

There are many voices out there today that paint a bleak picture of the Church and her ability to overcome secular culture and evangelize a broken world. They keep lamenting, "Look how bad everything is!" The jump from Church scandal to declining priestly vocations to empty pews. Sometimes, there are strong and important points to … Continue reading Don’t Be a Sourpuss!

It’s a Friday in Lent, So Why Do I Crave a Hamburger?

You know, there really aren't that many Fridays in Lent, so you would think not eating meat for us Catholics would be no big deal. But every year there are people asking things like, "Can I order a pepperoni pizza at midnight?" I remember being in college, a Catholic college mind you, and at midnight … Continue reading It’s a Friday in Lent, So Why Do I Crave a Hamburger?

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Everyday Stewardship  /  Ash Wednesday – 2016 The bumper sticker read “He who dies with the most toys wins!” I am sure you have seen this saying as well and it stands as a humorous reminder of the culture in which we live where we tend to accumulate stuff to provide happiness and meaning to … Continue reading Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust