April 27   Diocese of Austin, TX

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April 28   Diocese of Austin, TX (closed to public)

May 3       Diocese of Peoria, IL

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May 4       ICSC Board of Directors Meeting, Chicago, IL (closed to public)

May 9       Diocese of Pittsburgh, PA

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May 11     Diocese of Green Bay, WI

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May 16    Diocese of Springfield, IL (closed to public)

May 18    Diocese of St. Louis, IL

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May 22    Ventura, CA

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May 23    San Bernardino, CA

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May 24    San Diego, CA

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June 1&2     Region 13 ICSC Conference, Denver, CO

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June 5     Diocese of Davenport, IA Priests Convocation (closed to public)

June 13   Dyersville, IA

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June 15    Ames, IA

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June 21    San Antonio, TX

June 22    Belton, TX

June 23    Austin, TX  (closed to the public)

July 22     Sugar Land, TX

September 9-10     Covington, WA

September 16-20    ICSC Conference, Atlanta, GA

September 25-29    Diocese of Calgary, AB, Canada

October 1-4    Archdiocese of Portland, OR, Priest Convocation

October 10     Princeton, MN

October 11     Little Canada, MN

October 19     Albuquerque, NM

October 21-24     St. George, Utah

October 28-29     Dunedin, FL

November 3-4     Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Leadership Days

November 10      Diocese of Corpus Christi, TX (Closed Event)

November 11      Archdiocese of San Antonio