How Current is Jesus?

AN EVERYDAY STEWARDSHIP REFLECTION FOR 5TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME 2017 I recently watched the film adaptation of Godspell with my teenage daughter. I had such fond memories of watching it when I was young, back in the day. I listened to the soundtrack so many times and learned to play many of the songs on my guitar. … Continue reading How Current is Jesus?

Jesus: Are You a Fan or Follower?

An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time 2016 Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media can be powerful tools of communication. They allow people to stay in touch. They provide an avenue for fresh ideas. People can be engaged in conversations and be exposed to issues of the day in … Continue reading Jesus: Are You a Fan or Follower?

Looking for George Harrison

I have always had a great affection for the music and person of George Harrison. When I was a boy learning to play guitar, it was his songs that I would practice over and over. I guess I was drawn to his music because of the unique blend of sounds he used from both western … Continue reading Looking for George Harrison

There Is But One King! (and it’s not me)

We are on the cusp of two of the most beautiful times of the Church year: Advent and Christmas. We anticipate Christ’s coming during Advent, and we celebrate his coming during the Christmas season! There is almost too much going on with all the Advent devotions and practices that seem to take a back seat … Continue reading There Is But One King! (and it’s not me)

The Layers of Fall

My wife's favorite time of year is here: FALL. She loves sweaters, the seasonal colors, falling leaves, and of course...PUMPKIN! Pumpkin anything! We did draw the line at pumpkin flavored sausage but besides that, everything seems to be fair game. I like this season as well. Those who know me are aware of my love … Continue reading The Layers of Fall

This Child Was Someone’s Son

The following is an important post from THE MAIN THING guest blogger, Teresa Keogh, who resides in the UK. The image is graphic, but perhaps necessary. In the UK today many newspapers have used this image to ask the government to change its attitude to immigration. The image is of a young Syrian child washed … Continue reading This Child Was Someone’s Son

Everyday Stewardship / Answering the Question of “Why?”

He willed to give us birth by the word of truth that we may be a kind of first fruits of his creatures. Know this, my dear brothers: everyone should be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath, for the wrath of a man does not accomplish the righteousness of God. Therefore, put … Continue reading Everyday Stewardship / Answering the Question of “Why?”