Sowing for a Full Harvest

Today's Gospel has Jesus telling us the parable of the sower. This story has so many implications and important themes for a modern world. It would seem that too many have uncultivated hearts where the seed of the Good News falls on rocky soil and bears no growth. Also, too often we spend our lives … Continue reading Sowing for a Full Harvest

The Choice for Catholic Schools

I grew up in a home with one Catholic parent and one un-baptized parent. I attended Mass every Sunday with my mother, but I wouldn't classify her as a fully engaged parishioner. She worked on one parish Christmas bazaar, but for the most part, Sunday was the only time parish life intersected with our everyday … Continue reading The Choice for Catholic Schools

Stewardship of the Mind

When I was in high school I attended a weekly youth meeting where we would discuss the role of God in our lives and support one another in the journey of faith. In addition to other activities, each week we would have to share about what we did that week in terms of studying our faith. … Continue reading Stewardship of the Mind

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

In this blog, I am charged with keeping the main thing, the main thing, as are my guest bloggers. We reflect quite frequently on the process of conversation, everyday spirituality, and a stewardship way of life. There are many books and articles out there about parish engagement, rebuilding community, and creating a dynamic faith environment. But we … Continue reading Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing