I Am What I Am

Everyday Stewardship / 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 2016 Don’t you feel inspired when you hear a good conversion story? I know I do. Especially tales of how people overcame addiction or despair to find satisfaction in the presence of God. It’s the whole meaning of the hymn, Amazing Grace: “I once was lost but … Continue reading I Am What I Am

The Good News of Catholic Schools

For more than two decades, I was involved with RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.) There are many reasons why people decide to deepen their relationship with God or become fully initiated into the Catholic Church. Each person has a unique story and journey. It is one of the aspects of working with RCIA … Continue reading The Good News of Catholic Schools

What Is God Waiting For?

What Is God Waiting For? I knew I had a problem. It had been years and though I tried and tried, I could not break free. Several attempts of varying lengths of time and degrees of success ultimately led me back to the same place. Finally, I hit rock bottom. I prayed that if God … Continue reading What Is God Waiting For?