An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for Easter Sunday 2017 At Easter, we celebrate that Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, conquered death, rose from the dead, and remains very much alive. To the world of non-believers: WHAT!?! It is quite a big reality to swallow. But for the believer, it is a reality that inspires us … Continue reading We are an EASTER PEOPLE!

3 Days with Jesus

I am posting Everyday Stewardship reflections for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday today so people can use them in advance of the Triduum, rather than check back each day. From LPI, my family, and myself, many wishes for a Blessed Triduum and a great start to the Easter Season. Remember, Easter is not just … Continue reading 3 Days with Jesus

Everyday Stewardship (4th Sunday of Easter 2015)

I was putting together one of those online holiday video greetings, the ones where you place photos of people’s faces onto animated bodies. The video featured five characters, perfect for our family of two parents and three children. After importing the faces and finalizing the video, I hit play and sat back to watch it. … Continue reading Everyday Stewardship (4th Sunday of Easter 2015)