When Lightning Strikes / Everyday Stewardship

One evening at my house the skies were filled with intense lightning and rain was pounding the windows. So the TV along with all the other electronics were turned off, including the lights, and the blinds were lifted so we could watch the event further unfold. My wife mentioned a family in our neighborhood that … Continue reading When Lightning Strikes / Everyday Stewardship

The Last Shall Be First / Everyday Stewardship

I no longer participate in the Black Friday rituals of waiting for stores to open at 5 or 6 in the morning, just so I could get the deal of a lifetime. When I was younger, that held a certain fascination for me, but today, sleep is my best friend and maddening crowds are just … Continue reading The Last Shall Be First / Everyday Stewardship

Then Come, Follow Me

The Gospel reading for today features the young man who asks Jesus, "What good must I do to gain eternal life?" After a brief conversation about keeping the ten commandments, Jesus tells him the final thing he must do to gain that which he seeks,¬†telling¬†him, "Sell what you have and give to the poor, and … Continue reading Then Come, Follow Me