World Meeting of Families

I am at the airport on my way to Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families, where I will be representing LPI all this week. So this week I will be posting reflections and photos about the event and the preparations for Pope Francis' visit. If you can't be here, hopefully you can catch a … Continue reading World Meeting of Families

Let Mercy Flow Throughout the Land

The news these days seems filled with those in need of mercy. So many people hurting one another and sometimes themselves. In this blog, we talk about God in our lives and how we can easily miss what is the main thing. And our world is filled with people who seem closed off to God and … Continue reading Let Mercy Flow Throughout the Land

Surprised By God

“In the Old Testament, the novelty of the Bible did not consist merely in abstract notions but in God’s unpredictable and in some sense unprecedented activity.” – Pope Benedict XVI in Deus Caritas Est   “Faith is a gift from God that catapults itself into human experience with a high degree of unpredictability. …faith seems to … Continue reading Surprised By God