Instruments of Joy

Today is a great day! This year the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary falls on the first Friday of October, which is also World Smile Day. The two have nothing to do with one another? I think you are mistaken. Tradition holds that in the early 13th century, Our Lady appeared to St. … Continue reading Instruments of Joy

Get This App: Reimagining the Examen

I love to find tools to help Everyday Stewards on their daily walk and today I want to share one such tool with you. If you are familiar with the Everyday Stewardship spirituality, you know that the prayers of St. Ignatius of Loyola play a big part in our daily life, especially the Suspice and … Continue reading Get This App: Reimagining the Examen

God is Smiling Upon Us

While on vacation this week, I will be reposting 2 popular posts from 2015 and then this week's Everyday Stewardship reflection on Thursday.  This post first appeared on July 21, 2015. Another characteristic of an everyday steward is that he/she is prayerful. It would seem that would be a given. Certainly any follower of Jesus is called to … Continue reading God is Smiling Upon Us

Prayer for the Dead

In light of recent world and domestic events, I offer the following for our reflection and prayer: Prayer for the Dead Into your hands, O Lord, we humbly entrust our brothers and sisters. In this life you embraced them with your tender love; deliver them now from every evil and bid them enter eternal rest. … Continue reading Prayer for the Dead

An Everyday Steward is Prayerful

For the 5 Sundays of Lent and Passion Sunday, the Everyday Stewardship reflection will look at each of the 6 characteristics of an Everyday Steward, as contained in the book of the same name. Check back each Thursday on the Main Thing Blog for that Sunday’s reflection. Have a fruitful Lent! 2nd Sunday of Lent – 2016 … Continue reading An Everyday Steward is Prayerful

What Happened to Advent?

Advent is one of those Church seasons that people get excited about for many reasons. First of all, there is usually a change in weather for which people seem to be ready. A change in weather calls for a change in clothing bringing out our favorite fall wardrobe! Colder weather and warmer clothing means Christmas and … Continue reading What Happened to Advent?

Why Pray For The Pope?

If there were anyone that needs no prayer, who would it be? One might be inclined to say Pope Francis, but they would be wrong. In his recent U.S. tour one message curiously stood out to me, “please, pray for me!” I let it go - practically unnoticed - until I really started thinking about … Continue reading Why Pray For The Pope?