Tracy came to our collaborative of two parishes in November 2016 for a 5-session mission over a three-day period.  During those events Tracy was truly an inspiration to all in attendance from clergy, staff, volunteers and parishioners. As a collaborative, we were at the point of striving to become stewardship parishes, so Tracy talks were focused primarily on stewardship.  Everyone could relate to Tracy and his words were moving and relevant.  He helped many people come to a new understanding of stewardship and community.

That understanding wasn’t short lived.  Tracy’s name – and lessons learned – still get brought up frequently.  In fact, just recently during a collaborative event, a parishioner gave a witness talk and she credited Tracy for helping her to become stronger in her faith and to truly grasp the true meaning of the spirituality of stewardship. While Tracy can be entertaining and enjoyable to listen to, he is extremely knowledgeable and straightforward.  Whether it be for coaching, a small or large workshop or a parish mission, I would wholeheartedly endorse Tracy Earl Welliver!

Debbie Rhodes, Director of Stewardship & Development, St. Anne – St. Catherine Collaborative, Littleton & Westford, MA